As a rule, translation takes up a lion’s share of the work load of any translation agency. Our company offers the services of degreed translators and experts specializing in the many fields of science and technology, medicine, jurisprudence, and other areas.

Ortrans collaborates with experienced, professional translators who hold specializations in a plethora of fields (starting from newspaper articles, literary translations, and philosophical and psychological literature, and ending in technical, legal, and medical translations).

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Medical Translation

Legal Translation

Technical Translation


We have extensive experience in managing large projects spanning many different topics. Translations are offered into practically all languages of the world: Russian, English, Hebrew, Arabic, French, German, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, Ukrainian, and many others.

In our company, we try to have all of our translations done by native speakers of the target language, that is, by a linguist whose native language is the target language of the translation. (For example, in the case of a translation done into English, priority is given to translators who were born and raised in English-speaking countries).


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